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John Scheiwe,
Co-Founder and CEO, is a nationally known management/marketing leader and visionary. He has 12 years Presidential and General Management experience within divisions of ABB, Siemens and Sprint. During the five plus years in which he was President of Databit, Inc. (a wholly-owned Siemens subsidiary), John created a public packet switching network/component technology and grew Databit's BOC PPSN market share from 0 to 73% within three years.

As president of two telecom equipment manufacturers, John was a long-term "dissatisfied user" of existing, high-performance DSPs. This dissatisfaction engendered in John a vision of the digital signal processing performance enhancements that he believed would best enable the future, successful development of many wireless and wireline chipsets/products.

Dmitry Razguliaev,
Co-Founder and CTO, is a nationally known, technical leader within the CIS. For ten years he was Technical Director of Nienschanz Limited, a personal computer company located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Dmitry and his team successfully developed substantial digital signal processing chipset/software-based improvements to the personal computer (pc)/IP interface. For five successive years, Dmitry appeared in the "Who is Who in the Computer Business in St. Petersburg" annual surveys.

Vladimir Russakov,
Director of Processor Development, is our "resident genius." He has had 15 years experience in the development of high-performance processors within the CIS. His expertise includes processor architecture, OS software, and communication applications. He has won numerous technical awards and certifications within Russia.


Vijay K. Madisetti,
PhD (University of California, Berkeley, 1989). Vijay is CEO of Soft. Networks and Professor, ECE, at Georgia Tech and he has been a major technical advisor to Context during the past three plus years. Contact e-mail: soft-networks@soft-networks.com

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